Frac ponds and frac tanks in Australia

When disposing of runoff water with potentially dangerous chemicals, safety and security are the number one priority. 

High-quality frac ponds and frac tanks help protect our natural environment and are key to sustainable mining practices. 

What is a frac tank?

Frac tanks are used in oil and gas operations to store bulk liquids. 

These large pieces of mobile equipment come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various applications and projects. 

Frac tanks are built from heavy gauge steel to provide static storage for materials of any kind. 

They can be standalone units but are often used together as part of a farm configuration. 

Frac tanks in Australia are generally able to hold between 65 to 85 thousand litres of liquid or solid material. Their range of possible stored materials includes:

  • Petroleum products
  • Fresh & waste water
  • Fertilisers
  • Chemicals
  • Proppants

Pumps, filters and other equipment can be easily coupled with frac tanks to create a complete system. Frac tanks are the safest and most reliable way to store bulk liquids on-site. 

Types of frac tanks 

There is a wide range of frac tanks available in Australia. It’s important to understand the differences so you can make the smartest choice for your project. 

The types of frac tanks available include:

  • Mix tanks
  • Closed top
  • Open top
  • Double wall
  • Open top weir
  • Gas buster

Mix tanks contain no internal rods or corrugations, meaning the operators control the mixing rate using the various motors. 

Open-top frac tanks are durable quarter-inch steel storage systems. The open top allows easy access to monitor liquid levels and routinely clean the tank. A closed-top frac tank is a more temporary solution with flat tops and less visibility. 

Ideal for storing hazardous chemicals in sensitive areas, the double wall frac tank has a built-in secondary compartment for safe storage. 

Open top weir tanks help control the flow of liquid and their primary function is to separate any residual contaminants using the weirs inside the tank. 

The gas buster type is designed to stabilise liquids during drilling and prevent blowouts. 

For more information on the perfect frac tank for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team

Benefits of frac tanks

Frac tanks can serve a wide range of purposes across many industries. 

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Large storage capabilities
  • Increased combination options
  • Easy filling, draining and separating 
  • High mobility 
  • Flexible budget options
  • Variety in tank types

It’s easy to couple a frac tank with other on-site devices, including pumps and filters. 

Plus, you can move them anywhere with the help of a truck or tractor and they come in the perfect size for projects of any scale.  

The versatility, reliability and safety of the technology make frac tanks a popular choice for everything from pipeline contaminants to shipyards and airports.

What are frac ponds?

Frac ponds are an in-ground retention solution able to store massive amounts of water or flowback. 

Most common in the oil and gas industry, frac ponds can service all kinds of hydrotesting, fracking, drilling and mining. Frac ponds or pits can range from 500,000 litres to 10 megalitres. 

Each frac pond is different based on the individual project and local regulations. However, they commonly include:

  • Pipes and trenches for transporting liquid between tanks and pits
  • Freeze controls to prevent ice from damaging liner and pump equipment
  • Gentle slopes for easy access to remove solids and sludges
  • Spillway and overflow protection to prevent sudden floods
  • Comprehensive freeboard above emergency draining spillage areas to prevent wind damage

Frac ponds are specialised equipment and a great alternative to relying on frac tanks alone. 

Frac ponds and water frac ponds in Australia hold significantly greater amounts of liquid, reduce transportation costs and are far less expensive to build when compared to frac tanks.

How Hydrera works for frac ponds projects?

Frac tank and ponds

Here at HydrEra, we specialise in fluid storage solutions

Our full-cycle water management services have built our reputation as a reliable business with international expertise and experience.  

Frac ponds are one of the many ways you can integrate our water management systems into your project. We’re experienced with frac water flowback and deliver reliable services worldwide. 

We understand the ins and outs of Australian regulations and can help your frac pond project get going right away. 

Key Takeaways

Frac ponds and frac tanks are great options for projects in Australia and worldwide. 

We’ve helped businesses across the oil, natural gas, agricultural, municipal, forestry and mining sectors improve their water management. Our specially designed frac tanks and ponds are perfect for any project. 

At HydrEra, we’re committed to operational excellence and delivering the very best for our clients. 
Our global expertise makes water management a simple and reliable process. Learn more about our water management services in the South Pacific region today!

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