Fluid Pumping And Transportation

In 2014, HydrEra began on-lease water transfer, and in 2015 we expanded into longer distance transport.

Our water pumping and transportation services are led by our highly trained and dedicated team of HydrEra employees. With built-in contingencies, we eliminate downtime in frac operations and ensure smooth operations. We use top-of-the-line equipment and motors from reputable brands that have proven reliability.

At HydrEra, our Spoolable Composite Pipeline system is a flexible triple-layer pipeline that can be spooled like a layflat hose. The Kevlar reinforcement of this pipeline ensures a much higher operating and burst pressure than traditional layflat hose. We have also implemented a leak-proof connection system to guarantee safe transportation of flowback and produced fluids above ground. Our system is installed like traditional layflat hose, allowing for easy installation and improved efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our custom pumping solutions!

Features and Benefits

HydrEra, for a new Era in fluid management!

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