In 2016, we expanded our core offerings by integrating heating services into our portfolio. As a result, since 2018, we, at HydrEra have been able to provide customized heating solutions to our customers.

Our adaptable solutions that leverage flow lines to heat fluids to optimal frac-ready temperatures. We achieve this by heating the fluid directly from the water source as it enters the line or thawing the fluid and heating large bodies of water. Our top priority is maintaining a perfect heating operational safety rating.


We utilize the most advanced heating technologies and techniques, and we take pride in our ability to develop customized solutions that meet your unique requirements. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our Heating service and how it can assist you in achieving a perfect heating operational safety rating.

Heating and monitoring the flow and rates of fluid delivery in all operations is critical to winter drilling programs in harsh climates.

Our Certified Class 1 heating experts provide mobility, rapid set up and design of maximally efficient heating systems to lower overall heating costs, while meeting or exceeding the standards for safety.

Features and Benefits

HydrEra, for a new Era in water management!

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