United states & Canada

HydrEra provides services to both the United States and Canada, two countries that possess vast land and resources.

Home of our patented "Harpoon" tank and where HydrEra was first founded.

Our operations in the United States and Canada are dedicated to providing comprehensive fluid storage solutions to various industries. With a strong presence in both countries, we are committed to meeting the unique storage needs of our clients. In the United States, we collaborate with diverse industries, including energy, manufacturing, and transportation, to deliver efficient and reliable fluid storage solutions. We work closely with businesses in sectors such as oil and gas, mining, agriculture, and construction

Similarly, in Canada we offer a wide range of storage solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Our advanced storage tanks and containers are designed to withstand harsh Canadian climates and provide secure storage for fluids like water, chemicals, and fuels. Similarly, By leveraging our expertise and industry-leading technologies, we help businesses optimize their operations, streamline logistics, and ensure the safe and compliant storage of liquids. Through our operations in Canada and the US, we strive to support the growth and success of our clients by providing them with innovative and dependable fluid storage solutions.

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