Storage and Containment

Designing innovative storage tanks since 2013

HydrEra offers the most innovative storage solutions in the water management industry.

Our tanks can be scaled up or down for custom water volumes using the same equipment, using full height and half height options to meet any fluid volume requirement.

HydrEra’s founding service, above ground synthetically-lined wall storage systems (AWSS or “C-ring”), was engineered to be the safest in the market. To ensure we provide the highest quality, we only partner with trusted fabricators. We also offer the ability to fully contain any size tank or fluid hub to protect the environment from spills, and to satisfy any regulation.

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HydrEra offers superior connection-point and engineering capabilities, along with flexible sizing that can fit any lease through removable panels. Additionally, our floating plate design minimizes the risk of sub-surface sloughing during thaw or changes in surface location. We provide fully enclosed containment options for any size tank or fluid hub, ensuring environmental protection against spills and compliance with regulations. Our containment systems can be customized to fit any situation.

Since 2013, we have been delivering exceptional storage tank designs. The rapid expansion of our containment services allowed us to realize our goal of becoming a full-service water management company. Our high-performance storage systems have won over clients from all over the globe. We prioritize safety and efficiency, making HydrEra water storage the ideal solution for all your fluid containment requirements.

Products specifications;

  • Split-panel 1.75M and 2M tank wall height designs
  • Designed to move internationally in 40’ shipping containers
  • 16m to 67.7m diameter allows for sizes to fit all locations
  • Single piece prefabricated liner systems
  • Includes certified safety ladders and platform staircase
  • Non Destructive Testing of welds and critical components
  • Double Liner, Covered and Bird Net Designs
  • U-plate connection design and engineer design lifting points
  • Clamp-less liner restrain system
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