The Montney Formation, British Columbia Canada

The Montney Formation is a highly valuable natural gas and oil resource, but it poses unique challenges for flowback water management due to the large volumes of water used in hydraulic fracturing operations. At HydrEra, we understand the importance of proper flowback storage and treatment, especially in this region where the water contains chemicals and contaminants. With our cutting-edge technologies and extensive experience in flowback management, we are well-positioned to provide customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the Montney formation and beyond.

Our team successfully executed a flowback storage project on 7 different locations, utilizing underground and overland pipelines as well as truck offload stations. We managed the complete field operation, moving the flowback water to support the fracture operation with zero incidents or spills to report. Trust HydrEra to provide reliable and efficient flowback management solutions for your operations in the Montney formation and beyond.

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